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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Days That Got Away

It had been five years since MGMT dropped an album, and fans weren't exactly clamoring for another record. The duo hadn't really made anything worthwhile since its debut album "Oracular Spectacular" in 2007. So I had little expectation that "Little Dark Age" released this week would be any good either. I was wrong. While it wasn't transcendent by any means, it was very listenable, a quality very much lacking from the band's previous two albums. This is far and away the band's best effort since that debut, and was quite a sea change from the previous two records. I enjoyed the lyrics, the beats and the melodies in various tracks. "James" had a surprisingly ostentatious beat, and a great melody too. An instrumental, "Days That Got Away" was the best track on the album, which is not something that happens any more. To close it all out, "Hand It Over" had a very Beach Boys vibe (in a good way). If MGMT can continue to improve upon this album, I wouldn't want to wait five more years for the next one.

Still no word on a new photo sharing site yet. Here are the photos from Feb. 1-6, which include Royalton boys/girls basketball and Pierz/Holdingford wrestling.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Say Something

There are two words that I feel most accurately describe Justin Timberlake's recently released album, "Man of the Woods," and that is disappointing and strange. After watching JT absolutely KILL IT at the SB halftime show, Sunday, I was really pumped to review this record. I will say that going in, having it called "Man of the Woods" was a bit perplexing, but that fly elk t-shirt that he wore during his halftime show had me excited. After finishing the record, I couldn't help but feel disappointed. A lot of the songs were very repetitious, and not in a good way. A few, like "Montana" and "Breeze off the Pond" were really strange to have JT singing them. He did do one good thing, and that was collaborate with Chris Stapleton. He is a genius, and the two's track, "Say Something," was pretty good, certainly the best on the album in my opinion. However, it wasn't enough to save the album from the bizarre rest of the album.

Here are several photos from sporting events from Jan. 25-Jan. 30. Those events include: Royalton/Swanville girls basketball, Pierz/Holdingford girls basketball, Little Falls girls basketball, Brainerd-Little Falls girls hockey.