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Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Wow, so I'm really sorry that's it been a long time since I've posted. I've been crazy busy with just like everything. And to make matters worse, I'm still busy, so all I'll be posting a link to smugmug and that's it. As for "Grudge" it is my favorite track on an album I liked, "After Laughter" by Paramore, but it certainly didn't hold up to their previous works. That could change with more listens, however. It often does.

The photos from this smugmug link are events from May 18-31:

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Swish Swish

It's been a couple weeks, so I have a ton of photos to share, but no time to share them individually. A link to our Smugmug will have to do.

 May 4-9:

May 11-16: 

 Katy Perry has a new look and a new sound, and I totally dig them both. "Swish Swish" is admittedly a bit clunky, but it's about Taylor Swift beef, so I can't argue with it too much. 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Told You So

I've been a big fan of Paramore since the first time I heard "Misery Business." Since, I've shuffled between all of their albums numerous times. I really enjoyed their self-titled album that came out in 2013. After listening to a recently released single, "Told You So," I'm excited for their next album, which is set to debut in a few days. The song is catchy as always and includes that raw Paramore emotion delivered to perfection by Hayley Williams. There will probably more gushing next week after the album comes out. Stay tuned.

I have a good number of photos to share this week, as always please go to to purchase any of these.

 A Royalton runner in the 1600 meters at Holdingford, April 28.

Another 1600 meter runner for the Royals.

Grace Gall prepares to hand off the baton to Kaelee Yourczek in the 4x200 relay.

Senior Brandi Kloss runs in the 100 meter dash.

Eighth grader Jami Rudolph competes in the 100 hurdles.

Senior Ali Tresco rounds third in a game against Swanville, May 2.

Royalton's Allyson Waletski races past Swanville shortstop Becca Taylor.

Bulldogs center fielder Abbey Moore fields a single to the outfield.

Hannah Schneider rips a groundball.

Royalton's Kayley Kolbo readies to lead off first base with the Bulldogs first sacker looking on.

Royalton's Brooklyn Pekarek slides under a Taylor tag.

Taylor gets tripped up going after a ball as Erin Zapzalka runs by.

Taylor prepares to pull the ball out of her glove to toss over to first.

Claire Reardon is congratulated by her teammates after her home run in a win over Little Falls, May 3.

Senior Allison Hoheisel attempts a bunt against Pierz.

Reardon gets safely past Flyers catcher Jasmine Miller as she was unable to handle the ball.

Pierz sophomore Taylor Cummings slides safely past Flyers catcher Jasmine Miller.

Senior pitcher Christy Masog throws to first for an out on a bunt.

Pierz sophomore Jade Porter raps a hit to right field.

Junior Brittney Boser delivers the ball off the mound in Little Falls, May 3.

Little Falls' Chelsea Moran, left, and Boser eye a pop fly.

Christy Masog pulls back on a ball.

Moran fires hard to first base for an out.

Miller runs forward to collect a throw from the outfield.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


More like descent. Despite the opening track ft. Vince Staples being the best in Gorillaz' new album, "Humanz," after a long hiatus, it certainly didn't do enough to elevate the album to being anything that could even be construed as good. I've always felt like Gorillaz was a poor man's Daft Punk. This effort has dropped them to the brink of a homeless man's Daft Punk. Another song ft. Staples also stood out as somewhat listenable in "Let Me Out." But really, it was just Staples shining. It certainly was a good choice for them to include him, or this album would be wholly worthless. Also, this isn't the 90's, stop with using a 'z' as an 's.'

I have more than two-dozen photos from events that took place between April 20-25. Enjoy. Purchase any of these photos at here.

Little Falls senior Austin Weisz makes a running catch in center field against Albany, April 25.

Weisz takes a big hack at the plate.

Flyers head coach Chad Kaddatz celebrates with junior AJ Jenks after his RBI triple in the fourth inning.

Jenks slides safely into third for a triple.

A neat view of shortstop Jake Kapphahn behind third basemen Mitch Boros, as they prepare to field.

Jenks delivers a big pitch.

Little Falls' Mario Fillippi watches his tee shot on hole No. 1 at Blackberry Ridge, at the pre-section meet, April 24.

Fillippi during the downswing of his tee shot.

Pierz sophomore Alex Poster lines up a putt.

Alex Wilson of Pierz hits a chip off the edge of the No. 9 green. 

Colten Kruzel fires from his third base position against Upsala, April 23.

Paul Krebs, pitcher, throws out a bunter to first baseman Eric Lampert.

Matt Swanson clubs a ball to the outfield against Swanville.

Swans shortstop Troy Evans scoops up a ball near second base.

The Blue Jays' Brady Burggraff slides safely into third after Kruzel can't control a throw.

Kruzel pitches.

Pierz senior Claire Reardon fires to first against Cathedral, April 21.

Junior Brittney Boser fouls a pitch off toward the Pioneers dug out.

Emily Burggraff, a Pierz freshman, is safe as the Cathedral fielder mishandles a throw from the catcher on a stolen base attempt.

Senior Brianna Meyer rips a ground ball.

Evans fires to first from shortstop as the USA fielder against Royalton, April 20.

First baseman Travis Barthel can't handle a foul pop.

Evans can't haul in a blooper in shallow left field.

USA second sacker, Austin Jackson, can't hang on to a throw and Royalton senior Michael Petron is safe.

Royals senior pitcher Nathan Psyck throws out a bunting Barthel.

Ben Schultz pitches in the game against Upsala.