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Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Shaggy is back! The early 00's Reggae-pop sensation has released a new single with OMI (of the song "Cheerleader"). The new Shaggy joint is called "Seasons," and it lacks a bit of the catchiness that it takes to rule pop music. But, it's not horrible. And I imagine that Shaggy will take that.

I have a bundle of photos to share from between Feb. 9-14.

Pierz Healy High School sophomore and Brainerd-Little Falls forward Ella Kalusche (No. 2) attempts a shot past Sartell goaltender Chloe Stockinger.

Kalusche tips a shot from the point that is headed for the net.

Kalusche skates inside the offensive zone.

Kalusche attempts to settle down a puck along the end boards.

BLF forward and Little Falls Community High School (LFCHS) sophomore Katie Orth tries to backhand a breakaway past Stockinger. 

Flying Warrior junior Grace Schulte, and LFCHS student, asks for a pass.

Schulte tips ahead a puck.

Schulte rifles a pass up the ice to a teammate.

Little Falls junior Gage Larsen competes in the snatch portion of the Olympic Weightlifting event hosted in Little Falls, Feb. 11.

Larsen goes up.

Upsala sophomore Riley Johnson manages to get a ball to a teammate in the corner against Swanville, Feb. 10.

Swanville senior Cole Pfeiffer watches as he drains a three.

Troy Evans sends a bounce pass to a teammate.

Jorgan Kiley puts up a floater for the Cardinals.

Kiley fights with Swanville's Lawrence Mettler for a tough rebound.

Upsala junior Stefani Pohlmann fights around Royalton freshman Jenna Anderson in Royalton, Feb. 9.

Cardinals freshman Amber Biniek sprints inside the three point line on a fast break.

Biniek makes a power move toward the basket as the Royals' Jenna Carlson defends.

Upsala junior Ashley Biniek fends off Royalton freshman Cierra Gottwalt.

Cardinals senior Mia Roerick goes hard to the hoop.

Amber Biniek drives inside with sophomore Morgan Wagner defending.

Ashley Biniek follows through on a three attempt.

Gottwalt tears down a rebound.

Mettler attempts a jump shot.

JV contestant Amari Riley successfully completes a clean and jerk.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Sooner or Later

Aaron Carter recently released an EP "LØVË" and discussing it in an interview he intimated that Justin Bieber somewhat owed him for paving the way, and that Bieber even copied him in some ways. That's awfully ironic, because one listen to "LØVË" and you'd think that it was a Bieber album. Despite being 29, Carter certainly sounds like a copycat version of the 22-year-old Canadian. None of this is to say that Carter's EP is bad. Far from it. I actually kind of enjoyed it, especially the song "Sooner or Later." I mean, he is no Bieber, but still good, plus it also gave me a chance to travel back down memory lane and listen to some of my childhood AC joints. "That's How I Beat Shaq" anyone?

I have a number of photos to share from Feb. 2-7. Enjoy.

Little Falls junior Rachel Tembreull passes to a teammate at Cathedral, Feb. 3.

Flyers senior Destiny Young posts up a Crusader.

Flyers senior Melissa Geisenhof fights for a rebound.

Young for three.

Chandler Doucette wrestles against Holdingford's Tate Lange.

James Welle of Holdingford grabs the legs of Pierz' Lukas Popp.

Royalton sophomore Jenna Carlson runs into Holdingford's Carolynn Becker.

Carlson eyes a rebound.

Royals freshman Jenna Anderson is fouled on a layup attempt.

Carlson tries to get around Holdingford senior Johanna Merten.

Freshman Cierra Gottwalt saves a ball from the Royals.

Rachel Hellmann, Huskers junior, snatches a rebound.

Hellman goes up against Royalton sophomore Morgan Wagner for a rebound.

Holdingford senior Kailee Heinen traps up Royals freshman Macey Petron.

Royalton freshman Allyson Waletski passes to a teammate in the corner.

Petron eyes her three attempt.

Waletski fights for a loose ball.

Carlson gets inside against Merten.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

House of Cards

It was 10 years ago when Radiohead released the revolutionary "In Rainbows" album. Not only was it revolutionary for its price (a penny), but for the new sound that the British band delivered. It was pretty much uniformly praised by critics, and was a mainstay on college airwaves. As a college student at the time and Radiohead fan, it was something I needed, and I'm truly grateful for it.

I have several photos to share from Jan. 26-31.

Gabby DeSmet-Bellefeuille lands after competing in the uneven bars, Jan. 27 against HLWW.

DeSmet-Bellefeuille competes on the highest of the uneven bars. 

Flyers sophomore Payton Kimman lands her routine in the uneven bars.

Kimman pulls her self up.

Junior Emily Orr sticks the landing of her vault run, Jan. 27.

Seventh grader Maddie Dehn with a twist on the vault.

Dehn launches herself in the vault.

Dani Schirmers on the way down after a vault.

Upsala's Amber Biniek shoots over Swanville senior Sophie Larson.

Upsala senior Katlin Welinski releases a floater over the Bulldogs' Brooklyn Thieschafer, Jan. 26

Swanville senior Madison Beseman is guarded by Biniek.

Welinksi gets past Thieschafer in front of the home crowd.

Bulldogs senior Kiley Loven and Cardinals junior Stefani Pohlmann fight for a rebound.

Pierz junior Preston Rocheleau delivers a pass in a game at Holdingford, Jan. 31.

Holdingford senior Caeleb Johnson pulls down a rebound in traffic.

Pioneers freshman Peter Schommer launches a three.

Schommer is blocked by Huskers senior Dalton Frink.

Schommer is guarded by seniors Frink and Blake Patrick.

Pioneers senior Matt Tautges is whacked by Isaiah Folsom on his way to the hoop.

Tautges releases a shot over Frink.

Schommer blurs into the lane.