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Monday, December 4, 2017

Don't Blame Me

There appear to be a lot of parallels that one can draw in the careers of Taylor Swift and Britney Spears. Both have five No. 1 hits and more than 10 top 10s. Both have success despite not being in the dominant genre of their time. Britney topped all the boy bands, while Taylor rules over hip-hop. Perhaps that's why when I recently decided to listen to Swift's latest release, "reputation," that I felt some flashbacks to Spears' fifth studio album, "Blackout." It was a dark turn for Spears, but just another step in her evolution as an artist. I think that "reputation" is a similar foray into the dark arts for Swift. I mean there are still a bit of bubbly popness in the album, but if you listen close enough, you might see the hurt. A lot of people will negatively review this album, and they're not wrong. However, if you take the album in the big picture of Swift's career, it is a necessary step to keep her career heading where it needs to go.

As far as fantasy football for TO this week, the week isn't over yet, because I'm writing this a day early, but returns have me losing in dynasty for the first time six weeks. I appear to have closed out the regular season in my redraft league with a win, which finishes me at 4-9. I have a better team that a lot of the league at this point with Alvin Kamara and Kirk Cousins, but my team just took too long to flesh out. As for my other redraft league, I appeared to have clinched a playoff spot, unless the Steelers have a big night tonight. A win would clinch a playoff spot, and possibly push me up to as high as fifth place. A loss, and I might not make the playoffs, or I would drop to eighth place and barely get in.

Anyhow, here are the some photos from the Pierz Football team's Prep Bowl victory and the GBB opener.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Hotel California

One of the single greatest works of music history recently turned 40. The album "Hotel California" by the band that had it all and helped define the age of "Classic Rock" came out around this time in 1977. Recently, I discovered a 40th anniversary edition on Spotify, and opened my heart and mouth to all that is Eagles.You're welcome for the next hours of Eagles music that I caused you.

As far as fantasy football is concerned I won in all three leagues of mine for the first time all year. It only took 12 weeks, lol. I am firmly entrenched in second place in my dynasty league. I moved up to seventh place out of 12 in one league, and am mired in ninth in my final league with no shot at climbing.Playoffs begin soon, and it appears I'll be in two out of three, which as Meatloaf once opined, is not bad.

Here are a few photos from the Pierz state semifinals against Jordan, Nov. 18.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Dusty Rooms

What the hell did I just listen to? I'm fairly certain it was some kind of magnificent troll job. Barenaked Ladies, everyone's favorite late '90s/early '00s goofy pop/rock Canadian act, recently released an album, "Fake Nudes." Sounds promising. It is pure garbage. It's filled with weird, wannabe Mumford and Sons songs that sound like they're performed by a bunch of dads. I guess that's what the Barenaked Ladies are relegated to: mature, soft folk. Gross.

Off to the playoffs. I am in the dynasty playoffs unless some kind of miraculous junk goes down. Speaking of, I needed some miracles to make the playoffs in my main re-draft league. They all failed this week, so at 2-9, I'm officially done. However, I did win my fifth straight to move to 5-6 and in the final playoffs spot in my other league.

I have photos from Pierz' state quarterfinal against Proctor in Brainerd, Nov. 4. Enjoy them here.

Friday, November 17, 2017


Walk the Moon busted on to the mainstream with their mega hit "Shut Up and Dance" in 2015 off their album "Talking is Hard." I believe that I have discovered their next big hit in "Kamikaze" off the new release "What If Nothing." The song sounds like something that will catch on. It is catchy, with strong lyrics and I really enjoyed it. The album itself is mediocre. It starts with a string of so-so songs, but does finish strong. If you listen, skip the first six tracks.

On to the playoffs in dynasty fantasy league for TO. I'm 8-2 and all but wrapped up a playoff spot. I'm 2-8 in my main re-draft league, and barely have life for playoffs. I need a bunch of things to break right. I'm 4-6 in my other re-draft league and am close to getting back into playoff contention.

I have several photos from playoff football and volleyball to share. See them here and enjoy.

Friday, November 10, 2017

It 'Aint My Fault

While the landscape of country music is littered with a barren wasteland of talentless tarts like Luke Bryan, it also includes some really great music. A great example of that is the Brothers Osborne, who took home three CMA Awards the other night. Chris Stapleton also won a couple, and he too is a shining example of what country should be. Please keep Niall Horan, Thomas Rhett and the rest of the pop-country losers out of country music. Please.

Anywho, I finally earned a win in my main re-draft fantasy league! Problem is, it is week nine, and now I'm 1-8 and all but out of playoff contention. I am in second place with an 7-2 record in dynasty though, so that's good. I also won again in my autodraft league, and am at 3-6 and only a game out of playoff contention. (8 of 12 teams make the playoffs).

I have a good number of playoff action photos to share from Oct. 27-31. They include some playoff volleyball from Section 5A, both Swanville and Royalton were in action. I also have some football photos from the Royalton home section semifinal game. Hope you enjoy!

Access the photo gallery here.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

3's Company

Snoop Dogg has something to say, but that wasn't why I listened. The beats on Snoop's latest album, "Make American Crip Again," were the reason to listen. I'm not sure who created those, but they were perfect to go with the harshness of the Dogg. This is best exemplified on the joint "3's Company" which features Chris Brown. "Good Foot," also has a solid beat.

Dropped to 0-8 in my main re-draft league :( However, got another win in dynasty, pushing me to 6-2 and firmly in third place. I got another win in my other re-draft league to move to 2-6. I'm still two games out of a playoff spot, but I'm on the move.

I have some photos from Upsala volleyball, USA playoff football and the Section 6AA cross country meet. It's a bit of a light week because of MEA. Check out for more playoff photos next week. See this week's photos here:

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Solid Gold

One of the bands that formed my musical tastes thanks to their massive hit, "I believe in a thing called love," has released a new album. Should I listen? Heck yes! The Darkness recently dropped "Pinewood Smile," the band's fourth since the debut "Permission to Land" that had IBIATCL on it. While I haven't kept up with how their music's been, I noticed the new album in a deep dive of browsing new releases on Spotify, and based on the nostalgia of Duluth road-trip sing-a-longs I decided to give "Pinewood Smile" a try. The album doesn't quite live up to the iconic hit, but it is pretty groovy at times, and quite clever. I particularly enjoy the song "Solid Gold." Give it a listen. Worth it.

Fantasy football is continuing to go down hill. I can't win to save my life in my main league, and dropped to 0-7. I had a good week in dyansty, but ran into a buzz saw of 173 points and fell by about 40. I'm down to third place, but I'm still very safely in playoff contention, so I just need to stay ready for playoffs. In my third league I'm in 11th at 1-6 :(

Many photos from the weeek of Oct. 12-17. You can find them here.